The Times
"...Nobulus (formerly known as Moving Shadows), from Austria, drove the audience wild with a cautionary tale of evolution that was a tad rough and ready yet loaded with freshness and verve."

The Guardian
Breakin' Convention 07 Review Sadler's Wells, London
by Judith Mackrell
"...Nobulus (formerly known as Moving Shadows), who earnestly aimed to dramatise the history of the human soul, could have headed for worse disaster - thrillingly, however, their choreography turned out to be as superb as their scenario was gauche. Tall, wired and graceful, this Austrian crew used the disjointed, cartoonish energy of hip-hop to transform themselves into an eerie variety of forms - from flickering cosmic matter to an apocalyptic battle of human tanks and guns."

Der Spiegel
Breakin' Convention 07 Review Sadler's Wells, London
Ballett für B-Boys by Khue Pham
"...Bei experimentelleren Gruppen war der Überraschungs-Faktor hingegen hoch. Die österreichische B-Boy Gruppe Nobulus (formerly known as Moving Shadows) erntete mit ihrer Show 'Out of the Shadow' Standing Ovations. Herausragend war neben ihrer technischen Brillanz vor allem die Koordination: mehrmals türmten sich die schwarz vermummten Tänzer zu Menschenskulpturen, aus denen sie akrobatisch wieder heraussprangen."

RWD Magazine
Breakin' Convention 07 Review Sadler's Wells, London
by Emmanuel BoyWonder Ezugwu
"...Taking us further across the continent, Jonzi D introduced Austrian group Nobulus (formerly known as Moving Shadows) who premiered their seminal piece 'Out of the Shadows'. It would be an understatement the say their act was anything but utterly brilliant. Alex Wengler's masterpiece was unlike anything I have seen in terms of originally and captured the true artform of dance. The dancer's skills were unparalleled with each performer showing flexibility, strange and a superior command of contemporary, break and hip hop dance. The piece poignantly highlighted the message that 'war is the worst solution of all' and the standing ovation at the end rang their message home." Magazine
Breakin' Convention 07 Review Sadler's Wells, London
"Solo" by Ian Palmer
"...From Austria, Nobulus (formerly known as Moving Shadows) presented a mesmerizing ensemble work, Out of the Shadow from Alex 'V Cell' Wengler, which played with patterns, shapes and metaphors of life in a pre and post-lapsarian world. To a sound- track of Richard Strauss, Verdi and the like we saw primal images of sacrifice and betrayal, of love and pleasure, of death and destruction dressed in the most brilliant of artistry. Ovations aplenty declared that we need to see more of this company and more of this choreographer. He seems to me, and I am sure Jonzi D too, filled with hip-hop hope."

The Sunday Times
Breakin' Convention 07 Review Sadler's Wells, London
Jump to it by David Dougill
"...Then, from Austria, the strong team of Nobulus (formerly known as Moving Shadows) essayed a mammoth fable of evolution with an antiwar message, calling on musical support from bursts of Khachaturian, Richard Strauss, Rachmaninov and La donna e mobile. Nothing if not eclectic..."

Breakin' Convention 07 Review Sadler's Wells, London
by Malgosia Skawinski
"...'Nobulus (formerly known as Moving Shadows),' from Austria, were also the toast of the town. Their set: 'From The Shadows' was jaw dropping; especially with the beasts and the submachine guns, conjured out of multiple breakdancing bodies. Sadly, no proper footage of the 1hour performance downloadable yet. I found their little commercial break (if you excuse the pun) on utube, which i've duly downloaded: nowhere near as impressive as their current stuff, but nicely done in a pre-Second World War Harlem sort of a way."
Breakin' Convention 07 Review Sadler's Wells, London
by Emma Youle
"...The highlight of the night came from Austrian crew Nobulus (formerly known as Moving Shadows). In a set which followed the evolution of man, from birth through to war, destruction and death, the white-clad narrator was a mesmerising presence among the black moving figures on stage. Agility, flexibility and strength leapt out with one-armed hand-stands held for minutes at a time and bodies expertly morphing into each other. As the black shadows moved the audience got caught in the raw energy of watching a new vibrant dance-style evolve in front of them."