The dance theatre piece „Out of the Shadow“ was created in 2006 as a showcase within the world wide biggest breakdance competition „Battle of the Year“ in Germany.
The dancers of the company „Nobulus“ expressed their feelings towards the current global political and economical development.

Since then the piece was shown in an extended version at dance festivals in London, San Francisco and Bonn. Then, in 2011, the world premiere of the 80 minutes version took place at the famous festival hall of Salzburg in front of 2.200 spectators.

After the UK tour this autumn the latest version oft he piece will be shown in Germany for the first time.

The choreographic concept is an abstract narrative story. Lyrical texts in combination with different styles of music form the red thread of the piece. In an extraordinary way, the lyrics are being combined with movements and thus is creating a totally new sort of body language.

In short: „Out of the Shadow“ is combining different dance styles (ranging from classical ballet to acrobatic elements of breakdance) with an enthralling, sociocritical storyline. This is what makes the show so unique and touching.

About the piece:

The visitors are taken along to a journey, starting at the universe’s genesis and ending in our present. Within 80 minutes the evolution of mankind between light and shadow is being shown.

Different developements, outcome and dramatic of evolution and human growth are shown in an enthralling, exemplarily and emotional way.
The piece puts the eagerness existing between individuals and the community on stage and illustrates the threatening outcome of their present developement. With his efforts, the impulsive narrator (the white figure) tries to fetch the goodness of humanity and to get rid of the shadows of human extistence and, by doing so, to prevent people and the world from their own breakup (be it existential or moral).